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Colds and eyes and early mornings and stuff

The last few days have been particularly draining. My resilience to tiredness, negativity and general annoyance has been tested. It’s funny how mind and body are connected: I’m pretty sure I caught a cold off someone last week and it made me grumpy. The weather in Perth has been chilly. Maybe that had something to

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The waiting room

When you’re excited, any sort of waiting feels like ages. I must have waited a total of ten minutes today at the Lions Eye Institute, but it felt like forever every time they told me to take a seat, someone would be with me shortly. Just an hour and a half for an assessment I

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Doing stuff

I have a lovely weekend of doing stuff. I’m so excited, it’s hard to sleep. I’m going to play in the garden, make yummy snacks, listen to the Kimbra album I just bought and all around enjoy not being sick like last weekend. The blood test came back clear and I got treated for giardia,

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Sick again, but not defeated

I hear someone playing League of Legends upstairs. Me so jelly. :( I’m sick and I’ve decided it’s man flu cos it feels awfuller than usual and I really thought I was tougher than a virus. Being sick has come with all sorts of sick feelings – anxiety, self-doubt, loneliness, depression, fed up-ness and mild

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This is my arm after my first attempt at donating blood. Room too cold, veins too small, needle enormous argargargg… It’s pretty gross, the needle going in, but I had to look. Didn’t hurt, it was just stressful and uncomfortable. They didn’t end up taking much so won’t be able to use it. :( I’m

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