20 insignificant things that make you really happy


This is my list of 20 insignificant things that make me really happy. Everyone’s got their own, but this one is mine:

  1. Clean underwear
  2. Hot soup in a fat bowl
  3. An sms from someone I like
  4. Getting to go back to sleep
  5. Uniformly shaped pebbles/potatoes/other round things
  6. Tiny boxes
  7. When cats close their eyes slowly
  8. Not having homework (10+ years later, I still feel it)
  9. Dairy products with a really long use-by date
  10. Cup of tea
  11. Peeling the plastic from the screen of a new gadget
  12. When an avocado is just theĀ right level of ripeness
  13. Cooking rice perfectly
  14. Eating crackers really slowly
  15. Soft dental floss
  16. When a pet sit-leans next to me
  17. TheĀ clink of small aluminium cans landing in the recycle bag
  18. Digging worm poo in the compost bin
  19. When my cat doesn’t get up when I get up cos she knows I’m coming back
  20. When dad sends a funny email and I’m the ONLY ONE in the recipient list

Do you have a list?