All downhill from here


Every night this weekend, Dora will come into the bedroom after lights out and squeak in the corner of the room. We’ve tried looking for what she might have misplaced, discovered, decided she must have, but to no avail. I wonder if she’s looking for Mona, but it should really be easy for Dora to find her because she stinks. The mystery continues tonight.

It has been a long football-filled day. I actually feel quite accomplished even though it wasn’t a skillful day for me personally. Played up front, not very well, have found things I need to work on.

So this leaves us with a week to pack, move and scrub down. Tomorrow after work, I plan to get my study packed up. Tuesday will be kitchen night, leaving only bare minimum for food during the week. Wednesday, hmm… that can be clothes and bedroom night. Thursday might have to be shops and more boxes, salvos runs, and indoor so I’m not being fat and lazy for the whole week.

Dora is squeaking again. Maybe she’s trying to tell me it’s time to sleep. Night, everyone.