A crappy drawing


Drew a pineapple top today in the last 10 minutes before heading to the work do. Really proud cos it was line drawing with a pen and I only stuffed up a few places. Wasn’t game enough to draw the pineapple body – maybe next time.

I used to draw a lot when I was younger. Then stopped – not sure why, maybe got bored. Not doing something for a while seems to ebb away the confidence, and drawing now feels like a real challenge. It’s kinda scary having to commit; pen to paper is a commitment. Made easier by using a lousy pen and doing it in a hurry, so I’m not starting out with the expectation that it has to be good.

I will be happy when June is over and instead of blogging everyday, I can use my energy on other things like maybe drawing. :) Or going to bed earlier. It’s just after 1am now. Night night.