Studying, but I could go a beer

Last night, I dreamt that I was offered a very generous redundancy package. Must have been the spicy Korean BBQ I had for dinner, coupled with my recently-redundified friends flaunting their carefree lifestyles.

When farewells were done with, I had a good long dream-think about what I was to do with the rest of my life. I’m 644 words into my 1500 word essay for school and about a lecture behind in each unit – this working-and-studying thing is proving quite challenging. I dream-decided that I would get a job to stay too busy to piss away my dream-severance pay, but part-time so I’d still have enough room for library school and sport. I’d get eye surgery, advance my mortgage repayments and go for a holiday in Tokyo.

All this put me in quite a mood when I awoke to the worst alarm clock in the world.

I’m not unhappy in my job; I don’t mind the work, I like getting paid, I like being able to afford food and games. But every now and then I feel a little trapped in a web of interdependence and get curious about what would happen if I accidentally stumbled on that big ol’ reset button.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the world reset – say, a zombie apocalypse or clash of the Titans. When all the unpleasant shit undead and war stuff blows over, how would our survivors rebuild society? Would they remember what they didn’t like about ‘what it was like before’ and avoid those things, or would they come to grips with the idea of those ‘necessary evils’?

How would they determine worth, social hierarchy, etiquette… Would there be enough people who knew how to hunt, gather and prepare food? If all the needles were destroyed, how would they improvise to make warm clothes for winter?

Would they bother with libraries and web design and essays? And how long before they decide it’s time to improvise some beer?

Damn, I could really go a beer.