Icecream cake success


Wee! Icecream cake. :D I have not had icecream cake in ages. I’m really glad my team loves icecream and cake and fun cos this cookies & cream cookie cake from Baskin Robbins made a freakin good breakfast.

We got the 9″ diameter, 3″ height one – fed 12+ people with a bit left over for a couple folk to have seconds. Bear in mind we’re all about 25 and up, so we probably eat less ice cream than say, a 21 year old uni student or teenager with appetite. Good value for $60, I say.

I do think my metabolism for dairy is getting less efficient as I get older. Soon as I finished my piece, my head felt puffy and joints felt creaky. This was promptly remedied with a pint at lunch and mocha in the afternoon. People are allowed some personal vices – mine are uplifting trance and dairy.