I’m procrastinating reading this book. Not on purpose, there’s been an order to the things I want to get done. Before indulging in reading, I wanted to work on my zine, which I was also procrastinating, but with good reason. I wasn’t feeling the things I had written and needed to do many revisions. So there.

I did work on my zine tonight. I’d like to believe I’ve got it right this time, but there’ve been so many false positives, I can’t be sure. Which I think tends to be another cause of procrastination – what’s the point, I’ll never get it right, I can’t do this, et cetera. But I did work on something, a bit of writing, a bit of paper shuffling. Which is also a form of procrastination, by the way, but it tricks you into thinking you’re doing something productive – well you kind of are because keeping things tidy can be quite important.

I tidied a little bit tonight, which is what ended us up with this book landing on the floor where I took a picture of it. With this much procrastination out of the way, maybe I can get back onto reading it (soon).

Late for Tuesday #blogjune, not watching the game tonight to try and get more sleep, so I’m gonna quit stalling now and go do that. (Maybe after a quick Kairosoft…)