Missed 13 mins of the football to type to you


The commentator for the football on Setanta has a thick lishp that I expect to grow numb to once the game picks up. Can one hear if one has a lisp? Would they hear non-lispers as having a noticeable non-lisp? Is it like an accent where you can’t hear your own unless you try?

Do I have a lisp and can’t hear it? Do I have an accent and can’t tell? Agh, it’s too late at night to be thinking about this!

Watching England v France, and am a bit late for Monday #blogjune. Had a lovely evening tonight. We didn’t get numbers for training, so had a small team chat and tactics session instead. I’ve never done football theory before so what I caught of it was interesting – just listening to people weigh up options game theory style was interesting. I’m not an ‘intelligent footballer’ at all so it’s nice to learn how to think in those terms.

Barrr I’m missing the game, typing this. Signing off now.