A quiet Sunday


Where did my Sunday go? I could have sworn there’d be more of it. I woke up late this morning, but still made it to sport reasonably on time. It was bloody freezing, windy as the morning after a hot curry feast. But there was no curry; only rain, running and football.

My left knee is sore. Wondering if it’s cos I hadn’t done sport during the week and then shocked my body with 90 minutes of running. I’m pretty sure I don’t kick or run properly and am doing some kind of damage. Or is it just general wear and tear? If you start sport earlier in life, does it condition your body for 30 or would you be more fatigued by that age? I guess it’s different for everyone.

I have high hopes for the next few weeks. Having something to look forward to (moving house) sometimes makes it easier to savour and enjoy the time until. Perhaps because it feels like there’s purpose, even if all the things that go on are unrelated to the thing you look forward to.

Tomorrow, I’m ordering an icecream cake for a team bonding activity (eating). So excited; I dreamt last week I ate icecream cake and soon that dream will come true.

Anyway, very tired. Off to bed. (to play Puzzle Family)