Started packing


Seeing our boxes of Magic: the Gathering cards made me smile. It wasn’t that long ago a bunch of us got together every Sunday for some gaming. 3pm at Chris’ house for a couple hours, then kebabs for dinner. A wish since highschool was to get to play this game, but I was always too intimidated by the guys at the lunchtime sessions in the science room. Ten years later, the wish came true.

Haven’t had a gaming afternoon in a while. Maybe there’ll be time this month, but I doubt it. June and July are looking busy – packing, football, work events, moving – and somehow making time to catch up with family. Hmm… I do complain about being busy, but it is hard to sit still sometimes. Some days, I manage to tick off my whole to-do list early, yet can’t break the momentum of being in GO mode. Does anyone else get that – feeling like you have to have something on ALL THE TIME?

Even leisurely things register as work in my mind. Must complete every level in this game, must read one chapter of this novel every night, must must must.

Anyway, enough of that now. It’s Foundation Day here in Perth and I’m going to go try and relax.