Cats and celery (but not together)

Tee hee~ this sign was up at the Cat Haven today. I’m not sure who made it, but I’ve decided they are amazing and I love them. For anyone planning to visit, it’s just opposite the Kittycam enclosure – which had 3 little gingers today, all sleeping, none interested in our cooing. I feel good after overhearing one of the Haven ladies say they’ve had HEAPS of adoptions this week. :)

We actually went to the Haven to get Hills biscuits for Dora and Mona. These biscuits are great. They smell amazing to me, so must smell even better to a cat; I wouldn’t eat one, but I’m tempted to try, just to make sure our pets are really getting good stuff. It’s got the neighbour cats visiting 2 or 3 times a day now to see if we’ve thrown out any stale ones in the reject bowl.

Sometimes it’s so cold out and they sound so pitiful that we’ll chat with them over a small handful of fresh ones. We might have to stop. It feels rude to feed someone else’s cat (cos if they overeat or have an allergic reaction, someone else is stuck with the vet bill) – plus a 2kg bag is $30. :X I don’t know what the right thing is to do. If these cats are so hungry that they’ll come begging, isn’t it better to feed them a bit so they don’t hunt native birds? They’re skinny, but otherwise look like they get treated well by their owners – maybe they’re always hungry cos they’re male, kittens and still growing. The best thing for us is to leave stale biscuits out so they’re not wasted, though I suppose we can compost them once we’re in the new place and have room for a compost bin.

Oh yeah, we’re moving house again. I am excite. We’ll be close to everything we like, but further from my football club training grounds. There’ll be heaps more room for gardening – closer to my dream of running a hobby microfarm. Jumbo planter boxes at Bunnings (which we’ll also be closer to) seem smaller and more expensive than what I have in mind – maybe I should harden the fuck up and learn to build my own.

A couple weeks ago, I stuck a celery stump in water as advised by 17 Apart. It grew very quickly. Jane from Bestdsign Studio showed me this very cool video of a woman in China who stores her vegetables alive in pots, so they’re still fresh when it’s time to eat them. I don’t understand a word of what’s being said, but there’s enough detail in the pictures to figure out what’s going on. So so so want to do this for all the vegetables we get. <3

But for now, we just have the one celery accompanied by a tiny parsley of which we’ve eaten all but stub and root. Grow, little buddies, grow!

It’s been a good day. Tonight, I plan to game, maybe read, and think about life stuff at a leisurely pace.