Diablo III, Fray Bentos and rambling


I’ve decided I don’t like Fray Bentos pies any more and can’t believe I ate the whole thing. Could have sworn they used to taste better, have better pastry; maybe I bought the wrong flavour. Steak and kidney in general should not be so bland. Aw… it was still pretty tasty, i guess. But next time, Mrs Macs.

Diablo III is awesome. :D Not sure how long I’ll play this game for – I’m already wondering what to do next for my Dwarf Fortress – but it’s freakin ace for now. Really glad I took time off work to chill and play. I wish I had more energy in general, so I could get motivated to get stuff done within the confines of everyday work and gaming routine. Maybe time to get on the coffee again. Mm, delicious coffee.

Right now, I’m lounging around with the cat, enjoying a short break before more gaming tonight. ^___^