Uni starts on Monday! (and other fresh new stuff)

My summer of farting around is about to come crashing down on a fresh new semester of full-time study. And full-time work. Looking at my course materials, I’m starting to regret the full-time study thing. Assignments, presentations, essays that require references to six (6, VI) textbooks. For serious, guys? :(

But we’ll see how it goes. I’d feel quite proud if I could do this. The arrogant, achievement-hungry part of me believes one can survive most things if one is disciplined and stubborn enough. And has enough energy drinks on hand.

Speaking of fresh new stuff, I got a haircut today. I’d forgotten how much I like having short, messy hair. My mum’s always told me it suits, but it’s hard to resist the allure of long, dramatic tresses. I’m quite jealous of the girls I know who can pull off the long-haired look, while I look like a potato with a wig. :(

This is my cut. Me likey! :) Done at Chesters in Subiaco by a hairdresser named Olivia. She was nice – she showed me how to do stuff so it wouldn’t look lame.

Visited the fresh new Village Bar yesterday – previously known as Ess Bar. The new owners – Luke and Michael – have done it up real lovely like. Instead of being red, black and cougar-like, it’s all modern, clean and leafy.

Couple more pictures at my moblog.

Word of advice – DON’T eat a whole delicious wonderful cheese platter for lunch. I felt so ill.

Finally, we’re going to try the fresh new steak place in Subiaco. Yeah, lot of Subiaco-ing lately. ‘Tis nice.

I’ve heard good things about this place. It’s called Squire’s Loft – different to the Generous Squire guys – not confusing at all, right? They’re about the same price as Hippo Creek, not particularly exotic looking, but the food is supposed to be wonderful. I can’t wait. I have a hankering for a bloody, drippy steak. Mm… moo.