I watched kittens all day yesterday, but that’s not the problem

The problem is I spent the evening playing LoL and playing like crap cos I think I would rather have done some sewing or tv-watching. The problem was I woke up early for a weekend, which doesn’t usually happen, and had more hours in the day than I knew what to do with. That said, the whole kittycam thing has made me feel slightly more confident and purposeful, and I’d like to keep waking up early of my own volition.

It rained a lot in Perth last night. So much that everything in my backyard is wet – and my backyard is completely under cover. How exciting – zero garden maintenance required today! I’m a bit annoyed at the native plants that belong to this property – I have no idea what they’re called and thus no idea how to look up how to take care of them. Does anyone know the name of those spiky plants that sometimes make tall stems with white-purple-yellow flowers? :X

My beans and wheat have sprouted and are growing like mad. It will be nice to one day live a bit like L from 500m2 and eat a huge variety of fresh organic veggies all the time at a fraction of the grocery cost. Not really possible because I’m living on a fraction of the space she has, with most of the usable areas taken up by ugly decorative rental plants. Still, I think our little garden of potted crops is doing all right. We’ve only been able to harvest garnish amounts, but one day – ONE DAY – we’ll make a meal.

Have I mentioned lately how impressed I am with Camera 360 Ultimate? I first tried it last year when the interface was clunky and the photos came out a bit meh. They’ve since updated a couple of times and everything works so well now. The photos come out sharper and more intense, and the controls are no longer confusing and cheap-looking. Me likey. All it needs is a tiny speed improvement (or I need a better phone) and it would replace my use of all other camera apps. :]

Finally, the neighbours’ cats have been visiting us a lot. There’s no address on their tags, so I can’t tell how neighbourly we are, but these two come round all the time to drink water from our pond. I’m glad we only used algae killer once – it’s all home-made and organic algae removal now, for reasons such as this. Mona and Dora’s cat biscuits left over now go to a little dish outside instead of being thrown out. It feels a bit weird feeding someone else’s cats, but it’s good not to waste food, and I’d like to think we contribute to this pair being less inclined to go hunting.

I’m thinking of getting a bird feeder for our garden, so our inside cats have something to look at, and these two outdoor cats can sit and watch instead of getting in fights or disturbing birds in the nearby parks. If anyone out there knows of any good low-mess bird feeders or inexpensive bird houses, please let me know. :)