Bye bye, hard drive

It’s very warm today and I had to open my computer up. One of my hard drives has been giving me trouble for the last six weeks, eating pieces of my artwork, making stuff take a long time to do, making my computer do weird shit when it starts up. This hard drive is now gone, gone, gone; sits in the corner of my room, waiting to be disposed of thoughtfully, a dilapidated victim of my little ‘I know what I’m doing’ exercise.

LordMortis suggested that if I wasn’t going to attempt data recovery, I may as well destroy everything to see if the disk was physically corrupted. So onward ho, restlessly writing zeroes for 6 days and 6 nights before Windows Update decided to RESTART MY COMPUTER and the whole process had to begin again.

Hard drive has physical errors. It’s pretty old – I think it came with my DELL in 2006. Gosh, that brings back memories; started a new life, got a new computer. None of those memories live on that hardware anymore, of course, but here’s one less possession to reminisce over.

Bye bye, old friend. Serves you right for being crap now lol.