Pictures from Japan

Konnichiwa~ Pictures from our Japan trip are now in my flickr.

I’ve been home a week now and it feels great. Except for the cold that followed me. I’ve been coughing like an old smoker ever since. :( Eating plenty of chilli, vitamin C, adzuki beans and other warming foods to boost my immune system. Warm Perth weather is helping. Not getting to sleep in everyday isn’t. :P

The trip has left me feeling a bit weird. Being surrounded by very dolled up Japanese girls, very tidy surrounds and the contrast between neon busy and eerily zen patches is quite surreal. Made me think of things I really love about my life, and things I’d like to change. Still refreshed from being away, I finally dismantled the daybed in my study, which I’ve been putting off since last October.

But you know how it is. The first few days after coming home are vital, because once you settle back into your routine, some of your intentions get lost in the everyday. We tend to make our lives comfortable – why wouldn’t you? – and it’s hard to want to change something when we’re comfortable. Luckily, we have a rent inspection next week, so we’ve spent today significantly uncomfortable, getting the place cleaned up.

After that, I intend to get my garden ready for winter, buy a picture frame for the lovely Yebisu coasters we saved from the beer museum, cull my wardrobe and buy Diablo 3. :)