One more sleep, please.


Can’t sleep. Excited about flying home. Japan has been fun. Today, we went round doing epic shopping, visited a cat cafĂ©, ate one last ramen and packed. Will flickr up photos of stuff when I’m home and settled.

Things I shall miss: Onigiri anytime, late night shopping and arcades, the many many outfits of Japanese fashion, street drinking, cheap drinking, easy public transport, premium customer service, cat-themed everything, HEATED TOILET SEATS, special toilet features, no touch handwash taps, super hot bath, cute paper and cute socks and cute knick-knacks everywhere, Tokyu Hands department store.

Things I shan’t miss: Severe lack of bins, nose sniffing all the time, storepeople shouting while we walk past, oppressive rainfall.

I’d love to come back again with a big group of friends. There were many things I didn’t get to do – Nara deer park, Imperial Palace, Cat Island, eating black eggs, eating strange meats, pachinko. Next time; there shall be a next time.

Thank you for following me on my holiday. Getting to blog it knowing you would read it made me feel like something meaningful to me could be meaningful to someone else, which in this case, was a nice feeling. :)