I’m in Japan! Eeeee!

onigiri and hot coffee can

We’re sitting in our little ryokan room chowing down on edamame. What a relief to be here, eating beans, hanging out with Niaal, all while the bright lights of Shinjuku promise to shine all night. Well, most of the night that would matter to us because omg so tired from many long hours of flying.

Pictured above is the amazing breakfast I’ve waited months for – one umeboshi onigiri, one whatever onigiri, and one HOT can of coffee. Heeeeee… It seriously made the 2 hour airport wait for Niaal’s arrival pass very quickly. Ish. Reading Game of Thrones helped too.

little decoration in foyer

Our ryokan is a cosy little place not far from the nearest station. Our room is small, but really charming. “The prettiest room,” the proprietor called it. I’m struggling to get a good picture cos its quite dark and my hands shake, but will have another go when it’s daytime and I’m not so sleepy. OH – one thing you must know – THEY HAVE HEATED TOILET SEATS! <3

We are surrounded by vending machines, bars, karaoke places, HEAPS of little eateries, a sock shop, bag shop, shoe shop and god knows what else. But best out of all these places is 7-11. Wonderful amazing international corporation with ATMs that let me draw from my Australian bank account, and all the rice balls, snacks and pot noodle I could need. I really want to find those little crabs that Jeremy Clarkson ate in the Japan stint on Top Gear, but no luck yet.

beer and chocolate

Niaal’s dinner, which followed a pre-dinner of Freshness Burger burger, and preceded a second dinner of Clear Asahi, edamame and yakiniku onigiri.

freshness burger

Freshness Burger front counter. Burgers are the size of two of my fists, soft as kittens, tasty as deliciousness.

Niaal and his tiny burger

Surprisingly filling, but later snacking is advisable.

Not sure what’s in store for us this trip. Super keen on the Meguro Parasite Museum, something animal related (petting zoo?), karaoke, eating something weird, ninja village and taking some pictures of pretty things. I kinda wish I still had great enthusiasm for going out and getting hammered cos there are many, many cheap bars around the place. But just being in this city is relaxing, playing silly mobile games in a strange room with snacks makes me happy.