Melbourne to Sydney then Tokyo

pretty coffee at St Ali

Time to say bye to Melbourne. I’ve had a lovely time full of food, lots of sleeping in; got to catch up with family, old friends. Now waiting for the choo-choo-plane to Sydney then onto Tokyo. Yay!

Still got a couple hours til boarding, so here are a few pictures from the last few days…

corn fritters at St Ali

Yummy corn fritter breakfast (lunch) at St Ali in South Melbourne. It’s a neat little café decorated with recycled bits and living plants – very nice. The sort of place that would let its sneaker-clad patrons fill personal water bottles from the café jugs.

Sichuan House dinner

Dinner at the famous Sichuan House. By famous, I mean my friends who have been here won’t shut up about the damn place. Good food, though. Don’t let the hype get in the way – everything we had was super tasty – eggplant, kungpao chicken, cumin ribs, garlic cucumber and chilli beef tongue & heart.

bread top crappy typography

Seriously mental typographic design on the little Bread Top bags. I’m particularly fond of what my brain reads as SWISS MUD ROLL CAKE.

minecraft logs

These logs look like Minecraft logs!! XD