7 things that made me smile

It’s really good to be working from home today. Spent yesterday feeling feverish and a little bit sorry for myself. Thought it might be flu, but WebMD says it’s probably just a cold.┬áDespite not feeling the best these last few days, a number of lovely things have made me smile. Seven (7, VII) of which I would like to share with you this evening.

Seven (7, VII): Shit That Makes Me Happy. Funny website. Many lols, some NSFW. But this one is SFW…

Hehehe. Funny.

Six (6, VI): Icy Gifts flash game on Kongregate. If you’ve got 15 minutes to chill, this is a nice little clicky game to entertain a switched-off brain. Blast open the bubbles and items with your cursor and collect pressies. The sound effects are cute and pleasant. Oh yeah – you can upgrade your cursor too. I didn’t know until almost the end of the game. :|

Five (5, V): Don’t Should All Over Yourself from the Art of Manliness site. I feel pretentious following this blog, but it’s one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s all about the art of manliness – that is, as a man, being your best self.

History’s expectations of manliness sometimes seem unrealistic, but surely previous generations of men weren’t as dumb as we today would like to think. I believe real men do cry, just not over a tiny fuss that could be easily fixed.

Remember “don’t cry over spilled milk” – I expect a real man may get annoyed that he has to eat his cereal dry, but channels that annoyed energy into mopping up the mess and getting on with his day. And I reckon what makes a man a man is the same thing that makes a woman a woman – figuratively speaking, of course.

Anyway, I love the AoM site. The articles on good discipline and principles make me smile and feel encouraged, because it’s hard to develop independent, mature habits in a world where all the luxuries and rapid-fire lifestyle make is so easy to be childish and self-entitled.

Four (4, IV): Cats; heaps of them! That link is just one of many cat fancies crossing my inbox. Last week, we were told there’d be redundancies at work. One of my colleagues issued a summons to swap many cat pictures to make the day not suck. It’s a sign of a good life to have friends to swap internet animals with. I also liked the cat in a bucket of water and cat has a panic attack when his string is taken. Oh, and the metronome cats!

Three (3, III): Soup. Just soup. Those little mug-sized Heinz cans of minestrone. Or the big Country Cup vegetable-o-ramas with pasta or rice. I’d love me some chicken with wild rice soup right about now.

Two (2, II): Z-Type. Yeah, another game. This is a type-to-shoot game. Pretty self-explanatory. Good fun if you like typing.

One (1, I): Oranges. Chinese New Year was recent, and I still have two enormous oranges from my auntie. Apparently, this is good cold and flu food, along with garlic and water. We shall see, my pretties, we shall see.