Perth to Melbourne on Qantas


Hello from Melbourne. :) Flying from Perth only took about 3 hours but landing in a later time zone makes me feel like it took ages. It’s nice to see my cousin again, and my old friend who I’ve not talked to in over ten years. ^__^


My airplane lunch was rad: braised beef in smoky tomato gravy, sauté potatoes and chopped beans. Later, we got strawberry ice cream with hibiscus and some jammy thing called quandong. I watched 3 fascinating documentaries on the personal tv – the joy of stats, one about stuff we know about the universe, and one about things the human body does to survive. As the plane landed, I listened to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Yay Qantas!


Not sure what to do today. Aquarium and zoo maybe. It’s barely 9am but I think of how slowly I plan to move and feel like I’m behind schedule.