Juanita’s in Subiaco

share platter at juanita's $40

Let me tell you about this small bar in Subiaco. Tucked behind a little hippy art supply cum garden/homewares shop on Rokeby Road is a quiet establishment named Juanita’s, after the lady who runs it. It doesn’t look like much when you first arrive, but therein lies the charm.

a beer at juanita's

The wall beside the kitchen is lined with shelves, home to a random assortment of art pieces, cute and kitschy knick-knacks; one shelf holds board games, old books and other idle interestments should you feel like spending an afternoon not doing very much. Coming here is a bit like visiting a classmate’s mum’s house if the mum also serves beer and has a scattering of tables and chairs.

spring water bottle and pretty table

Anyway, it’s quite a pretty venue, so I thought I’d get some camera practise in. This is a picture of a water bottle on their pretty tabletops. The furniture is a random assortment of pieces you’d find at an antique store or swapmeet. It seems to be the trendy thing to do, and my hipster senses tingle, but there’s something down-to-earth about this place that makes it seem like it would still do exactly what it does now even if the small bar fashion were completely different.

yummy spanish biscuit

I read somewhere that this is a tapas bar. I guess you could call it that. I wouldn’t come here for a meal, but it’s nice for a snack and short, quiet drink after work. They serve share platters here – a good between meals size for 4 people – for $40. The first time we came here, we were treated to some homemade icecream after our platter. This time, our tray of bread came with this thin sugary biscuit – so nice. I suspect the menu changes all the time, depending on what the owners fancy at the time.

bruno the dog

Dunno whose dog this was. His name is Bruno and we saw him waiting patiently for his master outside the bar. Friendly chap. :)

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