Terrarium Friday


I made terrariums last night. Some big, some small, some enclosed, some open. I’m reasonably happy with how they turned out; would love to have had more baby’s tears and just a little bit of cultivated moss, but alas. They look a little unfinished because of the exposed dirt, but I’m hoping they’ll grow into their containers. I’m less happy with how the photos turned out – everything’s so yellow! But I’m a little un-confident in general with my hobbies at the moment – ukulele is tricky, camera is tricky, garden is yet to grow into its container – you get the idea.


So, no moss, but I had plenty of river stones, sphagnum moss, potting mix, surface stones and charcoal. The charcoal provides a bit of absorption so the terrarium doesn’t stink. I bought a 4kg bag of charcoal on Thursday night because Bunnings doesn’t sell them any smaller, so… if anyone wants some charcoal for their terrarium projects, I have plenty to spare. You’ll need to break it apart, but you could probably make 20 terrariums with just one briquette.


I struggled to get a decent picture of the large open terrarium below, but none of the shots worked. It was blurry in all the wrong spots – I think the aperture was set too wide, but any smaller and everything got blurry because I have shaky hands. Even now, they’re shaking like mad because I just woke up an hour ago and haven’t had breakfast yet. :P

large open terrarium

The last pic below is of a closed jar with sphagnum moss on the surface. I understand this isn’t typical, as sphagnum is meant to be the catchment & moisture retaining layer between the stones and the soil. But I don’t have any growing moss at the moment, and noticed that when I keep wet sphagnum on the surface of my plant pots, it goes green after awhile. I’m hoping that means it’s alive and growing. It’s not as attractive as carpet moss, but it’s not horrible and might grow in a nice formation in that jar. :) That’s my hope.

closed jar terrarium with sphagnum