Socks and stuff

This is my mate Martin. He just launched his first online business –

SockemToMe is a subscription-based sock shop for plain black business socks – you sign up and they send you a batch of socks every few months so you don’t have to make a trip to the shops for such boring, basic necessities. I’ve not received my socks yet, but considering Marty’s a bit of a hetero fancy lad, I’m betting they’ll be lovely quality.

He’s given me some sockmoney to share around, btw – $10 towards your order if you use the promo code sanlivesocks. Pretty sweet eh?

It gives me a nice feeling to see friends do well, especially when it’s something they’ve been sincerely working towards. I can’t say I don’t get a bit jealous, but it’s the sort of jealousy that inspires me to do better in my own life.

So, what have I been doing in my own life? I crafted some bracelets over the Christmas break; outsourcing to cheap Chinese labour (aka. darling little sister) for some pretty tags so I can put them up for sale. I’m getting ready to start a postgrad in library services – school starts in 4 weeks! And (because good things come in threes) I’ve started rigorous fucking preseason fitness training with my new football team. Very sore lately, very fatigued.

And slightly emotional with a sore throat, which sometimes spells some kind of sickness coming on. Took today off work to rest and slept for the whole day. The telephone nurse I spoke to in the morning said it was probably a flu. I don’t feel fluey, so maybe it’s my body fighting something off. So far, I like to think I’m winning.

Had Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner with family and family friends last night. It’s nice to hang out with family. :) Made another spagbol variation earlier in the week. Will post the cooking tips next time.

Night night!