My watermelons grew!

Today, I harvested a Sugar Baby watermelon planted back in September. I’ve spent the last five months watering, fertilising, training and protecting this little one. It’s been through a repotting, a super-hot Christmas with no water, a slug invasion, and possibly a slow execution by the other melon plant sharing its pot.

Notice how the vine on the right is dead while the vine on the left is flourishing? I’m pretty sure that’s not just a coincidence. These two watermelon plants have always shared a pot. Growth of both of them had plateaued during the heatwave at the end of January. After adding fertiliser, I noticed the one on the right looked lively again, while the one on the left had stopped. Then the vine started turning brown. I thought pruning it would help, but it seemed to only hasten the inevitable. Lucky Leftmelon was choking out her sister.

So I harvested the sister, who was a little smaller than my fist. Not sure where all the scratches came from. Maybe a bird or a neighbour’s cat had come to inspect. No sign of pestilence or disease.

Got Niaal to cut it for me cos I was too excited to do it myself.


Not as sweet as I expected from a variety named Sugar Baby, but it was okay. Tastes like melon, is juicy, full of seeds for next year’s crop. I have the one remaining melon still growing. Gonna let that dry out a bit before we harvest – that supposedly concentrates the sugars inside to yield a sweeter fruit.

I am happy with my garden. ^____^