Microgreens in the office – yes, do it!

Doug is my deskmate at work. We’ve been trying to level up our gardening skills because plants are cool and working with computers is soul-sucking if you don’t have other hobbies to keep you sane. Inspired by the cress postcarden from Swee, we took to growing microgreens.

Microgreens are germinated seeds that are allowed to grow a few centimeters before harvesting. They can be grown from the seeds of any edible plant – most common are salad type plants like lettuce, basil, kale, mustard, garlic and so on. Presumably because they are delicious. ‘Microgreens’ is a fancy word for sprouts. I promise we’re not being wanky, calling it that. The internet reckons that the word ‘sprout’ has industry obligations around it, so commercial types have to call them ‘microgreens’ because that’s a silly made-up word that isn’t likely to attract a lawsuit.

Scatter your seeds densely in any shallow grow medium – soil, blotting paper, kitchen paper, whatever you have on hand. Shallow is fine because you’ll be eating your microgreens before they require space for extensive root systems. Densely because these plants won’t hang around long enough to weed each other out of the competition.

I’m not sure if we did it wrong, the harvest. Doug washed the scissors with hot water, then with boiling hot water, to make sure we didn’t accidentally eat germs from weird stuff that scissors often find themselves cutting. It was a pinch-and-chop deal, which seemed to work okay. Felt surreal cutting and eating something just like that. We didn’t wash the greens before eating – I’ve been spraybottling the shit out of these things while they’ve grown, and not used any worm tea on them, so as far as logic reasons, they were clean enough.

Microgreens on cream cheese and crackers! :) Can I recommend the light Salada crackers cos they feel less oily/creamy. The extra dryness of the cracker goes well with the cream cheese. I like to think these sproutlings had a flavour – a lettuce flavour. But it could just be enthusiastic thinking on my part. We’ll be looking for greens with stronger flavour next time: mustard, radish and garlic.

This is what remained after our delicious deforestation. This afternoon, I tilled the stumps back into the soil and re-wetted the mixture. Will leave it for a couple days then plant some more seeds in preparation for another snack. Sown more densely next time, maybe with some kind of cover to keep the moisture in.

Would totally recommend this office passtime to anyone. Best part is that you don’t even need natural sunlight. The sprouts presumably grow from the energy contained in the seed. This is pretty sweet if you’re into the raw diet thing, or at least the healthy snack thing. And it’s so, so nice to have something ALIVE at your workstation.