My little netbook adventures

In an attempt to connect with my nerdy side, I decided to take my partner’s all-but-unusable HP Mini netbook and make it usable again. He’d given up on it; it was ridiculous the day he brought it home from the shop, all shiny and new with an install of Windows 7 that could barely start up.

Fine, I thought, consulting a friend on the saviour potential of Ubuntu Netbook. It was a huge step for me, installing ‘one of those weird’ operating systems. It took me 2 nights to figure out what I needed – ie. a USB stick, some boot disk creator software and the latest version of Ubuntu Netbook – another night to figure out how to make a boot disk, plus another night to discover that I needed to suss out my network drivers.

Okay, so how can I see what network adapter I’m using? Easy, just follow the steps outlined in these screenshots that look nothing like what you actually see on your screen YEAH YOU HEARD ME.

Mind, all of these ‘another nights’ were spread over a few months. I believe it was still winter when I started this epic journey. As we near the middle of summer, I hear of another OS that may better suit my nebbish little brain.

It’s called Jolicloud. It’s an Ubuntu-based OS made lightweight and stupid-friendly for faux nerds like me who live on the internet but don’t really know shit. To give you an idea of how simple it is, I read about this OS yesterday, installed it last night and was using it by this morning.

The Jolicloud philosophy is that everything happens on the internet and this system is supposed to make it easy for you to keep your head in the cloud. Whatever, right? It works. Drivers YEAH! Relevant updates YEAH! Easy wireless shit YEAH!

At the moment, I’m using Jolicloud 1.1. It only supports up to 802.11g and you need to be connected to the net to use it. Actually, you can use some of it offline then sync it up when you reconnect later. There’s heaps of apps & web app shortcuts available for it; most if not all are free.

I’m just floored at how easy it is to set up and how smoothly it runs. And now I have a little toy that I can use to stay entertained productive.