Making zines on a summer afternoon

Went with Sasha for ramen yesterday, then we spent the whole afternoon at the Free Range Gallery on Wellington St., making zines. I was nervous beforehand cos I’m not much of a scenester and don’t know a lot of people in my city’s arts crowd. I found out about the Perth Zine Collective‘s zine-making event through my friend/ex-housemate Miko, who’s super community-oriented and pretty much the only person I knew, so I ummed and ahhed a bit before deciding to go.

The event was part of Processed!, which is a subset of the Fringe World Festival going on in town at the moment. It’s a 24-hour thinger, spread over 2 days, in a little room full of stuff you can use to make zines. It was so peaceful, no obligation to chat to people, but after about an hour of sitting in the same space as everyone, you can’t help but feel comfortable and used to their presence. Talking, listening, eavesdropping, speaking up – it all felt cool and totally not awkward. A very nice change from an office environment where from the outside, it looks like the same kind of motion, yet any kind of noise or overhearing is like a disturbance.

Best way I can label the afternoon would be as an “introvert party”. I’m glad I went.

I made a zine called “Thoughts That Changed My Life” – you can see it at my portfolio - but the pictures I really want to show you, the part I’m most proud of, is my little sister’s zine. Sash came with me blind, never having seen a zine before, then proceeded to make a beautiful piece of art. Here be pics:

My talented little sister. ^___^ She wants to design t-shirts in her spare time. I’ll keep you posted on her artistic journey.

A nice day. Relaxing and fun, zero pressure. Would totally do again.