Nice day, small update


I had a nice time at training last night. Unlike usual, my head didn’t run its anxious post-mortem of things I said or did that might be totally stupid. I’m getting comfortable with saying and doing stupid things; I mean silly little things, not like property damage or endangering other people. That’s beyond stupid.

Today was nice too. I bashed out in 3 hoursĀ  a flyer design that I thought I’d get stuck on for days. Then played support for a winning team with awesome teamwork in a ranked LoL game.

I have a little desktop and windowsill farm at work, noticed some lettuce seeds I sowed for microgreen experiments have started to peek out their sprouting faces. The capsicum plants in my windowbox are responding to sunlight. Do plants respond to all light or only light that gives them food? Well, I’m hoping it means they’re not being deprived of precious UV by the window tint. They get full blast sun for about 5 hours every day.

Can capsicum thrive indoors? We’ll find out. More to come as things progress.