Salty tigarella tomato action


We were surprised a couple of weeks ago to find four little tomatoes growing on the vine. This is an heirloom variety known as Tigarella, which we picked up at Bunnings last year. I don’t know much about heirloom veggies other than not being able to get them at the supermarket. I feel pretty special eating something not found in a shop. :)

It tastes salty, doesn’t have the sour tang of shop tomatoes. Wonder if it’s the breed or our garden. We’ve treated this plant organically with lots of runoff from the worm cafe. I was worried it wouldn’t have enough room in its little pot (5L, I think?) but looks and tastes like it’s happy.

I learned that tomatoes don’t need to be hand pollinated – just give them lots of fertiliser and it will just happen. Yay!