I played like crap tonight, but oh this chilli makes me happy

I played like crap tonight. Two weeks off for Christmas and my football skills have worn down to a nub. Ow, and my callouses have become tender, ow ow ow.

For football – competition in general – I’ve decided I don’t mind losing, so long as the game was good. By good, I mean good sportsmanship, fair play, human concern for teammates and opposing players. Better to lose clean than win dirty. I decided this last year after observing people who behave in all sorts of ways, and myself experimenting with behaving in all sorts of ways.

Sportsmanship far outweighed winning, cos even if my team wins or I play well, I don’t feel good if I’ve been a dick to someone. I guess that’s just me, or maybe I’m getting old and this is the beginning of matronliness. Anyway, I decided this after a frustrating period last year, and plan to use the sports seasons ahead to practise staying positive and focusing on the spirit of the game instead of getting upset about the result or how other people play.¬†Wish me luck!

In other news, our garden is blossoming in lovely little ways. I’ve been repotting many things. Hopefully the end of summer will bring at least one juicy little watermelon, a couple of from-seed bonsai and delicious chillies. The picture above is our chilli plant in bloom with little white flowers. The bees and evil wasps hanging around our garden better do a good job of pollinating this shit.

Anyway, I’m off to eat pizza and play games now. Night night!