Happy new year, everyone! x

Today has been super productive and I am happy. ^__^

Had a hot beef & gravy roll breakfast from Broadway IGA, then did some planting with Chips, then cleaned up my own garden, then went for ramen with my sister, but we ended up having pho because ALL THE RAMEN SHOPS ARE CLOSED UNTIL NEXT WEEK. Poos. Oh well, pho was still good and I got to try a yummy apple soda from Hi Mart on Barrack St while waiting for my sis.

Last week, I was on holiday in Dunsborough, which was awesome fun, but enough to have my fill of loud music, loud conversations, loud loudness and no cats. It’s good to be home. Here, have some pictures.

My bedside table. Not very interesting, and it’s a bit blurry and grainy cos I was playing with Camera360 for Android. But see that box of Elastoplast? Those are big patch band-aids because I slipped on a wet rock and fell on it; my knee was pissing with blood. I dabbed some tea tree oil on it and dressed it. Two days later, my crazy graze was still seeping and open, so I avoided dressing for a whole day until it scabbed over. Thus, I learned the power of just letting a wound air instead of rushing to cover it up.

Niaal made a chilli. There’s something truly amazing about spicy meat and tomato.

One of my favourite parts of being on holiday is wildlife spotting. We saw plenty of birds and insects this trip. A mantis hanging out with an ant, a spiny spider, a couple of lorikeets (or some other type of southwestern parrot), a possum, a pelican, some heron (I think), a blue-tongue lizard (might have been a bobtail), hermit crabs, bigger crabs, fish (whiting?), barnacles and many, many pet dogs.

We ate many things, very much enjoyed the Malt Market Bar & Kitchen‘s “Lawn” rooftop area. It’s pretty much just burgers that don’t look like much when they come out, but you feel really full once you’ve eaten it. They have an oldschool arcade table there too and a foosball table – if you go, bring many dollar coins. Nat and I had a gingerbread collaborative later in the evening – she went for classic gingerbreadman realism on the left, while I opted for the Spirit of Christmas Hangover on the right.

Another go at a night shot using Camera360. This one’s a bit better cos I had something to lean my shaky hands on. Not bad, huh? The sun was mostly down when this picture was taken, so it was way, way darker than this in real life.

I’m off to bed now. Good night, everyone, and happy new year. :) x