Boxing Day

Mum made homemade charsiew for Christmas lunch. It was AWESOME, along with her perfect-texture potato salad, sweet chilli pickles, tempura prawns, mango sambal, chicken curry and noodles. Pretty shiok considering our original plan was simple salads and cold cuts. She said she just started making one thing, then another, then another. Her relaxed, creative mood just ran away with her. I love my family. ^___^

After main lunch was over, we sat around, grazing on pickles and end-pieces, talking about random things. The conversation, much to my delight, steered towards dealing with people, which is totally my thing at the moment. Admittedly, a fair bit of struggle over the last couple of years has been because of not knowing what to do with difficult people; or rather, people responding in certain ways to difficult situations.

Aimless complaining, talking as if to force opinions on others, doing things for appearances’ sake, rumourmongering – so transparent and uncool. I don’t mean to be self-righteous about it – actually, the main reason I don’t like being around all that is because I don’t want to fall into doing it too.

It’s hard to be a stalwart when stuff like that happens. Makes you seem disagreeable and unsupportive; competely understandable too cos when people react badly to something, it’s usually cos they want some kind of support. Anyway, you get no validation when you don’t participate, which makes it really difficult to have a good time when there’s a skanky bitchfest going on.

It was really interesting to hear how she deals with it. Knowing that my mum’s not a shrew, yet is still able to tell people to their faces what others would usually say behind their backs – it makes me feel more able to do it too. Pretty cheesy, hey? Still trying to imitate my parents, even at this age. :)

Today is Boxing Day, or “Breakfest Day” to my friends and me, the grand opening of a lovely low-effort few days until the new year. It’s such a good little pocket of zero obligation, a lull before you’re kind of expected to get back into being responsible and serious. I plan to sit on my arse lots, try to finish reading Dune, try to work on my sketchbook, and snack on many things.

I don’t plan on using a computer at all. WordPressing from my phone is tricky for now until they update BloghuB and the WordPress app, so find me at bitty until 2011.