Blogging while waiting for noodles

I’m sitting in a Chinese restaurant waiting for noodles and blogging on my Windows Phone 7. There’s finally a WordPress-friendly app in the Marketplace. I am content.

Switching from Apple’s sweet bosom of iPhone has taken some getting used to. The most notable difference being the barren app store, Zune Marketplace. It’s not completely barren, but does lack the selection you can find in the iTunes app store. I think the Android Marketplace might even have more. All this will change, of course, as the WinMo7 gets older. It just makes the phone less addictive in the meantime.

By the way, I’m at home now on the puter. Blogging with the app didn’t go quite as planned. Why is my cat picture so small. :(

I’m loving WinMo7′s interface. The large coloured boxes are lovely and inviting, the subtle buzz of Home button presses is pleasantly tactile, and I really like having the search engine just one touch away – even better, it’s a full-screen photographic image with random facts; good work, Bing. Other niceties include a stylish, modern look & feel to the email client, built-in MS Word and Excel access, and being able to compose stuff in the Calibri font.

Layer on top of that the beautiful ambient ringtones and camera’s ability to do macro, and I’m one happy end user.┬áSeriously, words cannot express how good I feel about being able to take decent close-up pictures. It’s like this phone was made for me.

There are a couple of quirks. Touchscreen response is good, though it hiccups now and then; sometimes lagging, sometimes exploding. Once in awhile, the screen display goes haywire, the same way some 3D games go haywire and the whole screen turns pink & bitty. Not sure what that is. My handset is an HTC Mozart and I’d be interested to hear if Samsung or LG users get the same bug.

Aside from the Apple-to-Windows switch, I’m now a Telstra Mobile customer (previously Optus). No complaints so far. The guy at the shop was helpful, explained the billing process, activation system and everything to me. SIM activation was fast, 2-3 hours tops. And the extra network coverage means one less stress factor when planning holidays down south. 2011 could be a good, carefree year.

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