Simple Bolognaise

Every famous chef has their ‘thing’. If I were a famous chef, my ‘thing’ would be simple dinners – food you only need 2 or 3 ingredients for, plus your imagination to create unique variations every night. Tonight, it’s bolognaise (or bolognese).

Bolognaise is my favourite food at the moment. You only need 3 ingredients for a decent basic recipe Рmeat, tomato, garlic. Unseasoned beef has a nice flavour, crushed tomato is juicy with a nice flavour, garlic ties it all together. Simple.

Of course, it’s not real authentic traditional bolognese, but it is a simple¬†unpretentious, minimalist meat dish to go with pasta – delicious enough on nights when you don’t want a fuss.

From here, you’re free do whatever you like to suit your mood. For example:

On that first point – I don’t cook my meat in oil much these days. I’ve experimented with oil, lots of oil, less oil and no oil, and I can’t tell the difference. So I opt for not using oil, desperate to say that I’m doing my bit to be healthy at age 29. Water-frying works too; helps to use flavoured water – bit o’ Bovril, anyone?

Pasta cooking tips

We eat a lot of pasta at home. I’m no expert, but here’s some stuff I’ve learned:

Happy eating!