Apartment for rent!

My little apartment in East Perth is now available for rent. :)

The place is done up nicely now. I wish we had the motivation to clean it up while we were living there. WE HAVE REAL CURTAINS NOW instead of the dusty, musty old yellow things and draped-up can’t-be-arsed pieces of cloth we had before. Want to see?

Probably should have mopped before handing over the keys, but lovely Karla at Mark Hay will send a cleaner through before new folk move in.

It seems my cunning plan for becoming a crazy old cat lady is coming to fruition. Cat ladies are rental property owners too, right? I promise I won’t be meddlesome. In fact, the less I have to deal with tenants, the better. I’m so glad I found a real estate agent who seems so far to be totally not like the crappy agents my friends have encountered.

Some friends in Shenton Park had to wait 9 months for their rental agent to repair the massive damage from the Great Perth Hail of 2010. Another fellow landlord has paid $800 to have his skirting half-replaced by the agency handyman, with no sign yet of them coming back to complete the work. I don’t want to be frustrated and angry like them, please.

I’d also like to not have crazy-ass tenants. Recently heard from a mate that his tenant was trying to claim medical bills from him. She was in the middle of a very long hot shower when the light went out. She couldn’t wait to call the real estate agent and complain, and in her haste to get to the phone, she slipped on a puddle of her own shower condensation and hurt her back. Yeah, no thank you.

So I’m employing the power of positive thought. I surrounding this whole project with love and good vibes, trusting that it will just magically transfer to all parties involved and everyone will be full of joy and all have a harmonious time.

Be quiet, it will work. What could possibly go wrong.

I picked those curtains. :) Nice, huh?