Rome wasn’t built in a day

Most definitely, the award for Best $20 I’ve Spent Lately goes to Imperium Romanum. Yeah, not COD4 or the new Assassin’s Creed. It’s a bit embarrassing (yet secretly I’m proud) to be enjoying what must be a really nerdy, boring, administrative-type person’s game.

Like – you play a city planner. Yeah.

Imperium is a city building & resource management game set during the grand ages of the Roman Empire. You’re a praetor (governor) tasked with establishing civilised cities, thus expanding the Empire’s borders. Along with developing the settlement and growing the economy, you must appease demanding citizens and sometimes engage in RTS-style military battles against native barbarians.

Not exaggerating or being sarcastic when I say it gets pretty damn exciting, but unless you’re into this type of game yourself, you probably won’t believe me.

I missed out on the SimCity years – they were my J-RPG days – so I’m fairly new to this serious, organised genre. I feel like I should be hanging out with mungbeanish octogenarians who collect coins and build ships in bottles, but you know what, I’m pretty sure I would enjoy that too.

Anyway, Imperium is a couple years old, and on Steam for $20. Feels slightly buggy, but still very playable. I swear the slaves have an odd way of prioritising material deliveries. Or maybe I’m just crap with build orders.

I wish I’d bought this last month instead of Age of Wonders – would have saved $6.50 and be invading Britain by now.