Grow mint from cutting (it worked!)

Mint, day 2

Last weekend, I decided to try the mint in a cup thing again. This is a picture from day 2 – by about day 3 or 4, it was covered in tiny brown spots, bugs presumably but I’m not sure. I figured it was done for, so I added a little worm tea (liquid from the compost bin) to the cup to see if it would help. Two days later, my little mint sprouted tiny white roots – yay!

mint, roughly a week

I’m so pleased. :) Thought I had an accursed touch, but turns out sunlight and nutrients really do help plants grow. I’ve since moved this mintlet to a small pot of soil; removed the scungy leaves and buried the rooty part. It’s been 2 days and the remaining leaves haven’t died yet, so I’m optimistic of this guy becoming a healthy, fully grown plant.

These are the references I used for my mint experiments, in case anyone else wants to try: