I love sunbear

I love the zoo. We were treated to all sort of interesting sights yesterday. Within the neatly kept enclosures were loafing wild lions, busy otters, lazy gibbons and curious meerkats. On our side of the ropes, firsthand encounters with native fauna: a few Gawking Slackjaws, some Slow Walkers, the occasional posse of Great Whining Chubs and large herds of the Common Family with lively, screaming offspring in tow.

My favourite residents were the sunbears.

When we arrived, one was right up by the glass, licking a big chunk of bamboo. Then started rolling around with delightful retarded glee, grasping the bamboo with his feet and paws.

So charming!

We saw three bears at the exhibit. A few metres from Bamboo Licker, another rummaged through a grassy tuft; on the other side of the pen, one more traipsing about, sniffing dirt.

After a while, Bamboo Licker and Tuft Rummager plodded towards the fence and loitered there for the rest of our visit. It must have been close to feeding time. Tuft Rummager moved about rather authoritatively – I’m guessing he may have been the alpha bear.

Bamboo Licker kind of just followed suit, looked around a lot, then lay back to show us all her little bear bits. We left just after I took this picture of her playing the fool.

If I had to be any animal at the zoo, I’d choose to be a sunbear. At that size and weight, you’d hate the hot summers, but your diet would be awesome – fruit, eggs, honey, grubs, small mammals and shoots. Definitely beats the bug & insect diet of gibbons.

Otters have it good as well – crabs, fish, molluscs. Mm… Yeah, I could be an otter.

Perth Zoo is not a bad place. The animals don’t look unhappy, just lazy. I spose you could call it the equivalent of city life for animals – food, water and shelter are provided for; healthcare is readily available and you even get swings and balls to play with.

Right now, there’s a cat asleep on my lap. She won’t be happy when I finish this entry and get up.

It is Sunday.