Fat internets soon – yay!

The company I work for announced today that it would launch a series of new broadband plans with a massive quota allocation.

The biggest plan in the suite is ONE TERABYTEzomg, which is pretty cool considering I’m on ADSL1 at the moment and have been shaped for the last 3 days. :(

In my head, all this means broadband in Australia is officially getting to be a utility like water and power.

Although – strange that we take water and power for granted, harming the environment in the process; but we’re still mindful of safe, eco-friendly internet quota because it’s shape-able or bill-able. Would be interesting to see if and how these fat plans change our internet habits.

It’s webmaster time at the moment. Some late nights and random encounters that we should probably send to Clients from Hell. Padding my evenings out with Starcraft 2; just the campaign and custom maps so far. Still too scared to play a ranked match. Check out this sick third-person shooter mod, by the way. How awesome must the map-maker be. :)

Well, I’m off. Long-ass day today. Time for more funs.