Mundane but delicious

Just for fun, I thought I’d count my calories from yesterday. I meant to write this post up yesterday, but forgot, so this account is hazy at best.

The day started with a banana (86 calories) and a cup of Milo (46 calories from 4 teaspoons), followed up by a lunch of sashimi donburi (455 white rice + 160 assorted fish) with miso soup (15), gyoza (201) and spring roll entrée (114).

Late-afternoonsies was a Raw Revolution spirulina & cashew bar (280) and a 125g punnet of blueberries (45). Eveningsies consisted of a few bits of bread and olive oil/balsamic dip (68 bread + 67 oil + 10 balsamic). For dinner, chicken breast (116) & fresh veg grazing plate with cheese (177), cucumber (2), mushroom (8) and snow peas (6).

All for a grand total of about 1856 calories.

The only real exercise I did was walking to, from and around shops to get food, and around the office and house – say, about 5 minutes of medium pace (burns 13 calories) and an hour in total of slow pace (burns 115). Our house has stairs, so add the momentary running up and down, a total of about 5 minutes each day (57).

I actively burned 185 calories.

Based on my height, weight, age and moderately active lifestyle, I should be getting about 2139 calories every day.

Yesterday was a below-average day. Today, I had a shit-ton of carbs. Bread for breakfast, banana & a crunch bar for pre-football snack, 2 sandwiches for lunch, another punnet of blueberries, a big bottle of energy drink, a pork pie, a plate of Penang style kway teow with Chinese sausage and I’ll probably have a little snack before bed. An above-average day in a typical mundane but delicious week.