Guineafowl egg, poached, with soy sauce

This is the egg of a Guinea Fowl, poached and drizzled with soy sauce. It tastes like a normal chicken egg with the added novelty of eating an egg produced by another game bird. The guineafowl diet covers a very wide range of insects, which includes mosquitoes (my archnemeses!) and evil, evil wasps.

I feel like the $4 spent on a half-dozen at the Subi Farmer’s Market has gone towards a worthy cause.

In case you’re interested, the Subi Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday from 8:30am to noon. It’s not huge, as far as markets go, but I like the casualness and open-air-ness of it and that you can get stuff like organic produce, homemade snacks, homemade cat & dog treats, and of course, these little eggs.