The skint boat

Ha-ha, pay happened three days ago and I’ve already spent most of it on frivolous caprice. :(

So I’m in the skint boat now, resigned to finding cheap, fun things to do for the rest of the fortnight. Right now, I’m downloading Age of Wonders off Steam. Looks pretty good – only $6! It’s old, but what a sweet deal if it’ll keep me busy for the next 2 nights.

I don’t mind being financially challenged in short bursts. It’s a shit long-term situation, but so long as the debts are covered and it’s just a lack of fun money, enjoying life turns into a game of hi-score chasing. Or… low-$core cha$ing.

The Coles Feed Your Family stuff, for example, is like a strategy guide for cheap meals. I was hell chuffed when I learned how to get cheap bibimbap (Korean beef ricebowl). You pay $10-12 a bowl for it in restaurants here, but can make 2 HUGE servings for about $15.

We figured out how to make fake bibimbap spicy sauce too – will post the recipe next time we have ricebowl, so I can show you pictures of the ingredients.

I like to think I make more art on poor days. It costs practically nothing to draw or write. When I was younger, I wanted to write a book of 101 ways to pass time and maybe make a few dollars. But the reality was and still is that when I’m being cheap, I spend more time thinking about cheap hobbies than actually doing them.

I feel bad leaving you with my drivel, so here are 21 ways to cheaply pass the time between paydays:

  1. Play computer games. (You can find cheap games onĀ Steam.)
  2. Get cheap recipe ideas from the Coles Feed Your Family website.
  3. Draw or write – or do some other cheap basic artistic activity.
  4. Play some music if you have an instrument.
  5. Go for a walk and look for paths you’ve not been on before.
  6. Wash your car. Save $15 by doing it the old-fashioned way.
  7. Look for funny pictures on the internet and include them in blogposts.
  8. Learn random new things on Wikipedia.
  9. Play with Polyvore or Boxedup instead of shopping online.
  10. Get annoyed at random things, then write letters from your future self to your present self with advice on how to get over it.
  11. Play free flash games on Kongregate.
  12. Make your own flash games if you know how. Or spend time learning if you’re interested enough.
  13. Clean the house. This is heaps fun if you play your favourite music really loud.
  14. Clean someone else’s house. This is novel and hilarious if you have a few beers first.
  15. Play with your pets if you have pets. Seriously, they love you and want to hang out more.
  16. Read the Animals & Nature board on 4chan. It’s their bestest forum. The Cooking one is also good.
  17. Pamper. Do something nice for your skin. Or soak your feet. You’ll feel nice after and not mind so much that you can’t afford heaps of stuff for awhile.
  18. Decide on a holiday that you can save for when you have money again.
  19. Now that you’ve got some free time, maintain contact with people you miss.
  20. Get some cheap exercise – run, walk, jog, swim, ball, skate.
  21. Have a nap.

Bye bye!