I love watching grime come off the walls

We have a rent inspection next week and the house is a mess. An extra Saturday for cleaning would be grouse this time around. I don’t mind housekeeping/home-making so long as my mind is ready for it. It’s nice to watch dirt and grime come off grubby surfaces.

What I’m really looking forward to comes after: I’m going to redecorate my study. It’s looked like a dump ever since we moved in, and only gets mildly respectable just before a rent inspection. Early on in our tenancy, I got drunk and bought a daybed, not realising how much room it would take up or how little I’d use it as a bed.

Last week, Apartment Therapy posted about crafting in small spaces, which got me thinking about how to make better use of space. Reckon I might try dismantling the bed and salvaging the parts for other things. I’m pretty convinced this plan will work, and got as far as taking out the Phillips-head screwdriver and lying under the bed for 5 minutes, daydreaming about what to do. Then I got hungry and made a bowl of noodles, but I feel this is still a good start.