A basket case

my twine and cardboard basket

I made a basket! It’s terrible.

But it was fun to do. And even though it’s loose and uneven, I now have a little tray for washi tape and random things.

I followed the nicely illustrated Easy Basket Weaving pattern, using my own a template instead of the ones that came with the instructions.

Some tips if you decide to try this too: (aka. all my fuckups and what to learn from them)

Have an odd number of spokes so your weaving can alternate each round. This is basic maths really, but easy to overlook. Well, I overlooked it; I may just be special.

Cut a larger piece of felt for the bottom. Not stupidly large, of course, but you can be generous. The slits you cut after gluing help keep the twine in place, so better to have them a little deeper. Larger felt will allow deeper slits.

Weave tightly, especially at the start. It may be clumsy, and you may have spokes flapping around but just set them right and don’t be tempted to loosen up too much. As you get further up and push down on the rounds, anything not done tightly will slacken and look messy.

Toothpicks in lieu of clothes pegs will suffice. Slide the toothpicks upright in the woven parts to create a frame for working the border.

Don’t start work at midnight. This is fiddly; being tired will make you short fused. You may be tempted to stay up even later just to blog about your new adventure, even though you have to be up early.

I have to be up early. So, good night.