It snowed!

snowflakes on jacket hood

Yay! ^____^

Zenkoji outer gate in light snowfall

We went back to Zenkoji to enjoy the temple vibe in daylight and a gentle snowfall.

light snowfall on rooves and river

a temple gateway during the day

snow on rooves over river

Sometimes snow would fall from rooves in large chunks, landing with a satisfying thud. Luckily, none on us.

red lanterns on a grey day with light snowfall

statue of person holding a peach

Buddhist statue in the middle of a small pond

activity outside a temple building

gaijin taking picture of a snow pile

This is a gaijin taking a photo of a snow pile.

tiny snow balls on statue

pair of snow balls on stone

snow falling on temple building

snow beside the footpath

gaijin taking photo of snow ball

snow on and around stump

proud snow dad and snow son

Someone made snowman. :)

the greatness of snow man

snowman and stump

path bordered with snow

rockery in snow

rocky in snow with temple in the background

shrine to honour unmarked graves

moss, rocks and snow

moss growing on rock

stone statues surrounded by snow

snow covered rooftop of temple

shrine to the god of barbers

On the way out, we found some limited edition Kit Kat – shinshu apple flavour, and hot Japanese chilli flavour. So we sat by the window, drinking tea and having snacks.

shinshu apple kitkat

hot chilli kitkat

tea set in front of window

Couple hours later, we were in the dining room, enjoying a traditional Japanese dinner prepared by the ryokan. I brought my phone this time, so please enjoy the photos.

many dishes in a meal

tako octopus pickle salad

apple pieces

mackerel and scallop sashimi with shredded daikon radish

steamed fishcakes and root veg

cold tofu with soy sauce and wasabi

Japanese mushroom and egg soup

mixed vegetable and prawn tempura

chopsticks and soy sauce bowl

dishes in a meal

Back to Tokyo tomorrow for our final couple of days. I hope to get at least one lucky new year bag with stuff customs won’t confiscate when we go back home. Nothing from the pet shop then, I guess. Oh, Bernese mountain dog, one day we will be together.