Sunday roast in a British pub, in Tokyo

a British pub in Tokyo

It’s a bit surreal hearing British people order British beer at a British pub, and the British bar tender charge them two thousand yen.

ale and UFC in a pub

menu at Hobgoblin pub

Sunday roast for 999 yen

Sunday roast on a plate

Hobgoblin is a British pub chain in Shibuya (also in Asakasa and Roppongi, and Kobe if you’re out that way). If you’re ever in Japan and stuck for cricket, Premier League, NFL, UFC and… British sausage week (?!), this is the place to get a fix. We went for UFC 168, which was exciting. The shouts of “YAMERO!” when Rousey almost got the armbars in rounds 1 and 2. The “OH!” followed by stunned silence at the Anderson Silva replay. :X

Then we hung out in Starbucks for a couple of hours, waiting for the right time to pick up our bags before shinkansen-ing to Kyoto. No wifi for us, though. Registration went through, but neither of us could log in. I spent the better part of those 2 hours trying to doze off while not making it look like I was dozing off. Not very effective.

The bullet train ride was so smooth. I picked up so many StreetPasses on my DS at the station at both ends. :) I’m really glad I joined the DS bandwagon now. It’s so novel playing with it here in Japan. Wherever you go, someone has one. You see little kids and big round dudes playing on benches, in trains, waiting areas. I’ve not seen any girls playing them, but I’ve StreetPassed a few, so maybe they just have them in their tidy little handbags as they prance pigeon-toed to wherever they’re rushing off to.

view of Kyoto tower from the station

We arrived in Kyoto around 9pm-ish. It was bloody cold.

bus stop outside Kyoto station

walking through Kyoto at night

musical water feature

interesting facade on building

Kyoto Tower Hotel from the front

intersection outside Kyoto station

I’m excited to see what this city is like at New Year’s. :)

front desk at Citadines Kyoto

The hotel we’re staying at is very comfortable. As much as I like the old style ryokan house in Tokyo, it’s rather nice to be in a concrete building with no drafts, private bathroom and kitchenette facilities for a little bit. We’re in a twin room, which is pretty funny. XD But now no one can complain about someone else stealing the blanket.

waiting area at hotel reception

cute origami on front counter

hotel reception card and decoration

complimentary tea and water in room

Our room came with complimentary tea and water… and hotel branded biscuits! They look tasty – I will report back at some point during our stay.

Japanese drama on telly

Right now, I’m sitting in bed, watching a very grainy, old-school looking Japanese drama set in that time period where dudes shaved the tops of their heads and rested their ponytails on top. Edo period? Dramatic music plays over scenes, like in Star Trek original series, when something exciting or foreboding is happening.

We’re waiting for our clothes to dry (this hotel has laundry facilities too!) before heading out to Higashiyama┬áto take pictures, try pickles and enjoy being in an old place.