Sick again, but not defeated


I hear someone playing League of Legends upstairs. Me so jelly. :( I’m sick and I’ve decided it’s man flu cos it feels awfuller than usual and I really thought I was tougher than a virus.

Being sick has come with all sorts of sick feelings – anxiety, self-doubt, loneliness, depression, fed up-ness and mild cantankerousness – but cousin Joshua called tonight just as my cold&flu tablets took. I don’t like talking on the phone, but it’s different with my cousins. :) I’m feeling much better now.

For anyone who needs a reference for their own sick, this flu started as sharp stomach pains on day 1. Day 2 featured dull abdomen ache and evil toilets. Day 3 saw onset of sharp headaches. Reprieve on day 4, but today (day 5) has body aches and more typical flu symptoms. Doctor said it’s “probably just a virus”; I’ve gone for an h. pylori and thyroid blood test just to be sure.

Stay healthy, friends. Rest if you’re sick and sip water.