Winter Japan packing


Or should I say, PACKED!

It took a whole day of procrastination and getting distracted, but I’m ready to go. The plan is to leave light and come home heavy. All up, my stuff takes up half a suitcase:

7 undies
7 bras
7 tops
9 pairs of socks
2 pairs of pants
1 wool vest
1 light jumper
2 sets of merino thermals
1 pair of walking shoes
1 awesome jacket

My rule of thumb was to pack for half the trip time (half of two weeks), then vary the numbers depending on other factors, like how easy things would be to wash, buy, re-use, wear differently. I may have fudged some of the larger numbers, as there have been tweaks between packing and now.

Hm, the list seems massive actually, now that I see it written down. It’s tempting to take more out but NO, I shall leave it. If I keep touching, it’ll fall off.

I’m confident my jacket will do well here. It’s a snow jacket with separate fleece inner and waterproof outer layers. They say Japan can range from DAMN cold to wet and meh this time of year, so layering is a good idea. Shops are heated too, and with the amount of walking I expect we’ll do, I think we’ll only feel the cold running between futon and bathtub.

Have to be up in 6 and a half hours, so I best get to sleep. Mm, very excite. :)