My Ricky board, with fish and things


My Ricky Board is done and I’m glad to see the back of it (arg, so late). I expected naming the fish would make them mean more, but it didn’t. Instead, cutting and writing the name labels out by hand made each rectangle of paper feel meaningful. I suppose that was kind of the point!


Each ricky is special to me. Each reminds me of things I wish had gone differently.

Well, not all of them. I regret not hand-rearing Dora more, but she’s grown up into a fine young cat – stand-offish and introverted sometimes, but that’s why we get along. ;) Mona, I regret not finding sooner. I wonder about the life she had before us. She’s an ex-Haven cat, who apparently had a rough life. She never used to like being picked up, and was scared of feet. But we’ve trained that out of her now. She snores in my ear around 5:30am every day.

And I have no regrets about Roachford. He was a GIANT brown cockroach that lived just outside our house. We only named him so it would be less horrifying whenever we found him waiting for us on the front door. Yuck. :(


I left some name tiles blank. Those are for the future. I’m excited to some day have more things to add.